The benefits of a Digital Wedding Post Box

A cash contribution is usually the main choice for guests as it pertains to wedding gifting and when it involves planning a marriage, opting for an online Digital Wedding Post Box is an excellent way to minimise stress for you and your guests.

Instead of hiring a physical wedding post box to sit in the hallway of your wedding reception, choose the digitalised version that My Wedding Whizz offers, allowing your guests to send a digital card filled up with well wishes along with a cash present that is securely deposited into your money.

Your online Digital Wedding Post Box is completely customisable allowing couples to contact guests what life experience or event they’ll be spending their funds on, that way plush honeymoon to the Maldives that you have always been dreaming of or help towards the purchase of your first home together. With My Wedding Whizz you can certainly communicate this to your guests via your Digital Wedding Post Box that is associated with your wedding website. Your guests will love and embrace the thought that their present will truly help you begin your brand-new beginnings together.

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Benefits to availing of a Digital Wedding Post Box:

Your guests will love the convenience. No need for your guests to buy a physical wedding card or make their way to an ATM to withdraw cash. Give your guests the capability of sending you a digital wedding card and include a cash gift idea by paying with a debit card in a seamless and safe online transaction. Your Digital Wedding Post Box is an extremely user-friendly service, as well as your guests will cherish if you know their cash surprise will help you both achieve a goal or dream as a newly hitched couple!

No need to hire a physical wedding post box. Out with the old and in with the new revolutionised digitalised Wedding Post Box. To employ a physical post box can cost anything up to €150! Along with this price tag you also have the inconvenience of collecting envelopes and the worry about holding a big sum of cash gifts at your wedding venue. Your guests will likewise have peace of mind realizing that their card and cash present securely reached you!

Receive wedding cards before your wedding. Weddings are an extremely expensive occasion, which price tag cuts into your honeymoon budget or down payment for your new home. When you create a Digital Wedding Post Box, once you send out your invitations, your guests can instantly commence to send you wedding cards beforehand. With a steady stream of cash gifts in advance of your big day, it can relieve you of that financial pressure many couples experience leading up to their wedding. Additionally, your guests can also choose to spread the price of your wedding day by having the choice to send you a gift idea 2-3 weeks in advance.

Keep track of all wedding cards received. You can certainly keep track of all wedding cards and cash gifts you have received from your family and friends. You will receive notifications by email every time you receive an electronic digital wedding card.

Do away with cash in envelopes. Safety first. Collecting and safekeeping 200+ envelopes packed with cash is a task you do not want to be dealing with on your wedding day. With a Digital Wedding Post Box, you can be assured that all of your cash gifts are well accounted for and securely used in your bank.

Receive overseas cash gifts conveniently. Family and friends that will never be qualified to attend your wedding can also send their love. Our Digital Wedding Post Box feature securely accepts international transactions.

Environmentally friendly. Save paper and plastic waste by deciding on our digitalised wedding card suite.