Popular Korean Makeup Singapore Looks

Korean make-up patterns have been dominating the Korean makeup Singapore market for quite a long time, and nowadays it feels like it’s not just Eastern ladies who would like to know the current and best makeup fads right from Seoul.

Glass & gloss in 2020

We’re no stranger to glass skin and shiny lips (which was huge in 2019), yet this year the Koreans are actually taking the gloss up a notch.

While several of us are still engrossing over matte lipsticks, K-beauty has moved on to a glossy surface. And unlike a few of the other Korean makeup trends we’re adoring, this is particularly fast and simple to try out on your own.

To really obtain that glassy effect, apply a dense coating of clear lip gloss on top of your shiny lip color.

Adorable and innocent

The gradient lips initially hit the appeal scene in Korea several years ago, however ever since it has gained momentum not just in other parts of Asia however additionally in other nations like America also.

Masters in the art of adorable, a lot of Korean ladies have been modeling the gradient or just-sucked-on-a-cherry-lollipop lip for some time now. It resembles a soft flower of colour from the middle of the mouth, which assists highlight the eyes as a bonus. The end result is a coquettishly innocent and surprisingly flattering look. Korean Instagram is rife with lips-slightly-parted testaments to the awesome combination of a gradient pout combined with doe-y eyes.

Apply lip balm

Now that we have eliminated the dead skin on our lips, it is time to replenish the loss of moisture from our lips.

You can keep an eye out for lip balms which contain ingredients such as shea butter and olive oil which helps to nurture and regenerate healthy and balanced cells on your lips. Keep away from those that contain menthol or other such components that give a “chilling” sensation, which may dry out your lips additionally.

Do your lip exfoliation and use your lip balm first off prior to you do the rest of your skincare and makeup, to ensure that you can offer the lip balm some time to saturate in to your lips. When it’s time to apply your lip colour, just blot it off with a sheet of tissue paper. Your lips will be a whole lot silkier and it’ll be easier to attain that desired gradient lips!

Soft & natural

The Trend: Part French-girl smudged, part K-beauty gradient, this lip pattern is all about all-natural flushes of colour that don’t look totally specific or calculated– no matter the coating or shade. Lip stains or multi-purpose pigments work splendidly here, too.

How To Pull It Off: Opt for a nude lip lining (à la Tran’s appearance) or none in all. Gently apply your chosen color– think less is more here– after that follow up by smearing it with a sponge, brush, or your own finger for an even softer line.

Glitter Eyes and Mascara as liner

Glittery eyes were popular in 2019, and it looks like matte eye darkness will be out of the picture for one more year.

If you are preparing to stock up on your eye liners, you could intend to use that money to invest in excellent mascaras or eyelash extensions instead, due to the fact that Korean females will be making use of much less eyeliner (or even none of it!); instead, they will be using mascara that can assist their eyes to pop.